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Jake Dreyfuss: Leverage: Building an Interdependent Organization, Engineering Adversity & Growing as a Leader

November 7, 2018

Good leadership is knowing that emotion is just as important as logic. What is the connection between confidence, competence and vulnerability? How do we make sure our organization actually gets better from mistakes? Why is engineering adversity into our lives so powerful? On this episode, Jake Dreyfuss, a real estate agent & CEO in Philadelphia, PA explains how he went from 225 to 568 units in two years, and shares his leadership secrets that keep his team moving and working together.



In order to become the leader people will want to follow, I need to work on personal growth. -Jake Dreyfuss


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Don’t gloss over mistakes and setbacks

A lot of us make mistakes in our business, but we don’t give ourselves the time to reflect. This makes it much harder to actually learn anything. The key is putting breaks in our schedules to realize when a mistake has been made so we don’t gloss over it.


  • No team member left behind

If there’s someone who isn’t hitting the team’s transaction standard, Jake wants the senior members of the team or the people who are performing well to be fully aware of those who are not reaching their goals. The high-performers should want to help those people succeed. It means there will always be a culture of reaching back to help the next person.


  • Emotion and logic go hand in hand if we want to achieve our goals

In order to really get people invested in the goal, it can’t just be about the numbers. There has to be an emotional driver behind it for someone to push through the challenges that will arise. For Jake’s team, one of their drivers is a dedication to helping homeless people in their local market. This results in a tangible benefit with emotional value, and serves as one of the motivators for the team to achieve their goals.


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When it comes to building our organizations and setting up our goals, one huge mistake agents often make is looking at things through an aspirational lens and not the actual truth. Is your team really interdependent, or is that more of what you want in the future? This distinction is important because it affects how we recruit and the values we instill. It’s also important to co-create goals with our people because it will make them more likely to buy into them. Finally, when we make mistakes, we will get the true value out of them by taking a moment to pause and evaluate, instead of rushing to get things back to the norm immediately.