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Andy Hannigan: Leverage - Growing Your Team and Production, Even Despite a Difficult Setback

A lot of people in real estate work hard for very little money. Why is leverage such an important part of building a solid real estate business? How do real estate fundamentals like lead generation and scripts lead to strong results? How does hiring the right talent allow you to buy back your time? On this episode, Andy Hannigan shares how leverage enabled him to go from a $5 million producer in volume to $25 million, even during a period of major surgery.


Every single year we’re more and more profitable, and every single year my employees are taking more jobs off my plate and buying my time back. -Andy Hannigan

Three Things We Learned from this Episode

  • Always be a team player

    Growing as a leader is difficult without the people to help make that possible. No matter how big you get, keep the appreciation of your team and the greater good. Maintain the team player mindset, because it will help you achieve things you never thought you could.

  • Leverage means your production doesn’t stop-- even when you have to

    Andy has had 12 major surgeries, which took months of recovery time. Because of leverage and putting the right people on the team, he was able to not only sustain, but actually grow his team and production through it all.

  • Work the system

    If you work a system consistently, you will see the results at the end of a 30, 60, or 90 day cycle. If you don’t work the system, you’ll see the penalty of inaction.

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When we’re not getting the results we want, it’s so easy to give into the voice in your head that tells us to quit. But true discipline is being able to ignore that voice and say no to the pain, fear and discouragement. We all have obstacles to overcome in order to reach our goals, but these are also opportunities. Consistently put time towards lead generation, conversion, going on appointments, negotiating & role-playing, and practicing the scripts till they come naturally. When you maintain these fundamentals of real estate, you will gain.



Lindsey Bartley: 411 Model - Shifting Your Focus Towards Allocating Time to Scale your Business

A lot of agents make the mistake of hiring people without being strategic about it. Why is it so important to hire with your end goal in mind? How can you increase the success rate of new team members? Why do you sometimes have to take a step back in your business to be propelled forward? On this episode, Lindsey Bartley shares on building the right foundation into her hiring.



The 411 has really been a game changer by helping me focus my time and energy toward my goals. -Lindsey Bartley


Three Things We Learned from this Episode


  • Make the right investment

    We have to be very careful about what, and who, we invest in. Rushing too quickly into a new hire can cost you more money and time in the end. Instead, focus on finding the right system. It can help ensure that you have a reliable, sustainable process in place as your team and business grow.

    Surrender to the System

  • Sometimes we waste too much time overthinking and trying to be creative on the wrong thing. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. If there is a system that works, surrender to it.  Do the work, and watch the results roll in.

    Hire with the end in mind 

  • Don’t just hire people to fill a gap you have in your business right now. You have to hire with the future in mind, and look for people who are at the level you wish to reach.


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Dysfunctional businesses share similar traits. If you see them in your business, you have to be willing to go back and restructure the business the right way. Hiring is one of the fundamentals of a strong business, so you can’t just wing it. Avoid hiring to quickly patch holes in your business. Invest in people who will help raise the standards of your business. This is how you’ll start seeing real growth and ROI.


Matt Perry: Career Visioning - Elevating Your Business Through Hired Talent

In real estate, we have systems in our businesses for transactions, but no systems for hiring talent. How does this put us at risk of hiring the wrong people? How did our guest go about building a strong hiring and training system? Why is leverage such a key element of a well-run business? On this episode, Matt Perry talks about implementing the Career Visioning model and elevating his team.


That leverage piece was the biggest catapult for my business and for what I’ve been able to do. - Matt Perry


Three Things We Learned from this Episode


  • The skills of hiring don’t come naturally to a lot of real estate agents

Real estate professionals don’t have HR training, so we tend to see the good in everyone. This gets in the way of who we hire, and can lead to hiring the wrong people or hiring out of necessity.

  • A business won’t grow or succeed without the effort of strong talent

No one succeeds on their own. You have to bring on talent to take tasks off your hands so you can actually grow.

  • Strategic hiring breeds order and structure

When you get to the level of leveraging people and hiring strategically with long term goals in mind, you’ll be able to better define roles and lead people properly. At this point, you’ll be running a high-level business and living by a plan.   


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Hiring someone is an important process, and we should avoid rushing into it. It’s critical to be strategic about hiring and bringing leverage into your business because it can greatly affect how & when you reach your goals.


Guest Bio

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from North Carolina State University, Matt taught high school mathematics and then transitioned into the real estate business. After a successful sales career with a local builder, Matt branched out and started his own team at Keller Williams Realty. He truly enjoys enhancing people's lives through assisting them with their real estate needs. 


Olivia Cooley: Time Blocking: Working Your Database to Generate Business

Many agents think they need to reinvent the wheel to achieve their goals, but this isn’t the case. Why is it so important to get the fundamentals right? How do you generate more leads so there’s enough to go around without the leader having to work double time? Why does your database hold the keys to your success? On this episode, Olivia Cooley shares how models like Time Blocking and working her database helped her solve the big issues in her business.



Because we’re working as a community and holding each other accountable through it, our culture has completely changed. -Olivia Cooley


Three Things We Learned from this Episode

Don’t Hide Your Failures

Most people only want to talk publicly about their success and not their failures. This actually makes it harder to grow and get better. Being able to talk about failures is what will help you overcome them.

As a leader, a culture problem is your responsibility. The beauty is: you can change it

Businesses take on the characteristics of the people that lead them, so the company culture comes from the leader. You have the power to change the culture and shift it forward.

Lean on your database

If you don’t cultivate and nurture your database, it’s going to be very hard for you to consistently generate leads and grow your sphere. Appreciate and communicate with them, because it will always pay off.


A lot of real estate agents think there is some huge change they need to make in their business in order to succeed. The truth is that it’s really about getting back to the basics and having someone hold you accountable. Change the way you approach each day, make the whole team prioritize accountability and community, and implement simple things like working your database. These things won’t just bring in more business-- they will transform company culture too.


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Guest Bio

Olivia is the owner of the Olivia Cooley Group at Keller Williams Realty in Columbia, South Carolina.


Training Tracking: How Ownership and Commitment Changed the Game for Kevin Du Toit

A lot of agents struggle with a lack of direction that comes from not having a proper plan. How does this hold you back and create business-ending challenges? Why is tracking your numbers such an important facet of success? How do you go about implementing a business model and a strategy that will bring the best out of you? On this episode, Kevin du Toit talks about how training tracking took him from struggling agent to elevated business owner and educator. 
I’m more purposeful than ever before, and instead of being a selfish individual, I come from contribution now. -Kevin Du Toit 

Three Things We Learned from this Episode

Take extreme ownership 
It’s easy to take ownership of your actions and business when everything is going well, but what about when it isn’t? Remember: for there to be any growth, accountability and owning the good and bad are a necessity. 
An automated system is key to success 
People are prone to resistance when it comes to the tasks they must do repeatedly to succeed. Why not take the thought out of it and automate processes so that you never get in your own way again? 
Adopt a total commitment to training
Attending trainings and webinars not only helps to clear the garbage in your mind, but it also provides useful information that can help you get to the next level. 
Implementing tools like training tracking and the growth initiative calculator will result in a real transformation that becomes evident very quickly. It’s about crafting stories to implement your desire for the success of your market center, and taking strategic and purposeful action toward your goals. 

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Guest Bio

Kevin Du Toit is a CEO and a team leader at Keller Williams Realty in Orange County, California. Kevin initially worked in Hollywood, but soon realized he was not building a legacy for himself. He saw an opportunity in real estate and took it. Three years ago he joined Keller Williams Realty, and today he is the CEO and team leader of Keller Williams Newport Beach. 


Melody Switzer - 411 Goal Planning: 3 Actionable Tactics With Instant Results

Having the blueprint for your goals is what makes a difference in real estate, and that’s where 411 goal planning comes in. What impact does it make on your business and results? How do you find out what aspects of your business you should focus on? On this episode, Melody Switzer shares how 411 goal planning helped her.


The tool that I used that had the biggest impact was the 411 line. It was what I needed to think bigger but more importantly to know the plan of how to get there. -Melody Switzer


Three Things We Learned from this Episode

Focus on improving your script

Finding the right script and the right words makes a difference in the real estate industry, especially for beginners. Knowing how to communicate and persuade is a big asset when it comes to selling homes. The more knowledgeable you sound, the more credible and trustworthy you appear.

Find your bun number

The bun number is the number of calls or appointments you need to close a sale. Look into your past and figure out how many calls it took to reach a certain number of sales, and set it to reach a bigger goal. Break it down in the number of steps that need to be taken based on your current skills.

Create a goal-incentivized schedule

Set a goal and think of daily actions that pave the way for you to accomplish your goal. The next step is simple: create an everyday schedule and follow it religiously. Instead of looking for motivation, create a daily routine that forces you to get things done without overthinking it.


The best way to keep your energy up is to have a plan before you start your day. Your business actions should fall into a routine, where every step comes naturally. Find the metrics that matter the most for the growth of your business and create a schedule around those metrics. With the right goals, you will see huge changes in your business.


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Guest Bio

Melody Switzer has been a licensed broker agent at the Bogar Pilkington Group for over 7 years. She started her real estate journey in 2010 as a real estate services administrator. Today she is one of the top performers in the Denver metro area in residential real estate.



How to Invest in Yourself to Help Your Business Succeed w/Coby Arzola

We all want to become better versions of ourselves. But can we do it all alone? Is getting help a business cost or an investment that comes with a return? What’s the best strategy to get more solid recommendations? On this episode, Coby shares with us his experiences with KW Maps coaching and how it transformed his business.



If you truly desire to grow your business, just know you can’t do it alone and shouldn’t do it alone. - Coby Arzola


Three Things We Learned from this Episode

Success is simple, but not easy

Understand that you don’t have to overcomplicate the process once you have the clarity to build a long-term strategy. Many believe that succeeding is a complicated process. The problem is not its intricacies but the fact that there are mindset changes that need to be made, habits to break, and work that needs to get done.

Getting help is an investment, not a cost

Nobody succeeds alone, and having someone who believes in you, keeps you accountable, and gives you the tools to succeed is what every real estate agent needs. There are strategies and mindset changes that take years to learn on your own, but they can be learned in few months from people who have already been there. Don’t look at it as a cost but as an investment that you will get a return on.

Learn how to sell without being salesy

Pick a few people from your database and ask them if they have the time for a cup of coffee. You don’t have to be salesy to succeed in this business. Instead, focus on building trust. Building relationships and having conversations is one of the best ways to receive solid recommendations.


Your business needs a compass that will lead you to success. Once you have the clarity to find your final goal, prioritizing and building decisions will come naturally to you. You will no longer get distracted and spread yourself too thin. Instead, you will have a clearly outlined path you need to follow to accomplish your goal.



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Guest Bio

Coby Arzola is a successful realtor at Keller Williams Realty Saint Louis. He started his career in real estate in 2015, and by October 2016 he already had his own website and a team to lead. You can find Coby on his website at



How to Build a Business that Supports Your Perfect Life w/Becky Evans

It’s impossible to have a life when work takes up 80 hours of your week. How can getting a coach help you step into systems of efficiency and leverage? Where do you find clarity? How do you go about staffing your real estate business? On this episode, Becky Evans shares how a coach turned her business and her life around.


In order to pivot to a higher level, you have to hire a business partner that’s been there before. -Becky Evans


Three Things We Learned from this Episode

Don’t get advice from random people.

A lot of people around you will give advice based on their own experiences and wanting to stay the same. Look for people who have mastered what you want to master.  

Clarity is power.

When you have a clear vision of what you want and what needs to be done, the rest of the path becomes more defined and easier to achieve.

Don’t underestimate the value of a coach.

A coach is a powerful way to get an external person who has a perspective outside of your business to provide you with the strategies you need to level up. Because they have been where you want to go, they understand the journey.


When you have clarity on your goals, the path to getting there becomes a lot clearer too. It allows you and your team to get into the right action, and it becomes easier to add efficiency to your operations. You are going to be more empowered as an agent and a leader because you’ll know the right conversations to have and how to leverage your time well. Ultimately, you can have a business that funds your perfect life.


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From Entrepreneur to Purposeful Business Owner w/Michelle Knobloch

A business with no systems suffers problems like inconsistency and stress on the leader’s part. How do you get off that roller coaster and build a business that is actually stable? How can you build leverage into your life? How do you work on your systems at a higher level? On this episode, Michelle Knobloch shares how much she grew through the process of having a coach.


I feel as if I became much better at working towards mastering myself. -Michelle Knobloch


Three Things We Learned from this Episode

Know your numbers

Tracking your own numbers helps you know where to invest so you aren’t just throwing money at a dart board with your eyes closed.  

Come from a place of contribution

If you make everything about yourself, you’ll never be able to really add value to people. Make sure you lead with contribution and being a trusted advisor who wants to make a difference in their life.

Giving back to your community pays off

Client appreciation events are a great way to thank the people you’ve worked with, and they are a powerful way to get more visibility in your market. If you focus on them you’ll actually see them expand and grow your market share.


The decision of getting a coach can be scary, and you can find yourself questioning whether you really need it or if you can afford it. There are so many areas of your business and your life that will feel the impact of a coach. Uncomfortable, yet steady, growth will become a part of your daily life. What you get in the end is more consistency, better systems, a clearer vision and a dynamic life for yourself and your agents.


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From Success to Significance: How Coaching Helped Chris Suarez Skill Up & Level Up

Leverage is something a lot of agents are never taught or trained on. What do you do when your business is stressing you out and overwhelming you? Why did Chris Suarez invest in MAPS coaching? How did he implement the 80-20 rule, and how did it help him grow his business and develop his mindset? On this episode, Chris Suarez shares his journey from merely working a job to having a vision, and how that impacted his business. 


Real estate agents want systems, because it allows them to make the money they want in half the time. -Chris Suarez


Three Things We Learned from this Episode

Think leverage; not adding more to your schedule.

When you think you have a time management issue, reframe what you think the problem is. Take the time to really drill down to underlying issues in the business. It’s not about cramming more into your day, it’s about putting leverage and systems in place.

Don’t let opinion breed ego

If you’re going to believe that a model can take you somewhere, and you believe in a system that has been proven to be successful, you have to let go of opinion. Opinion tends to lead to ego and even if you’ve been successful on your own, you have to be able to allow someone else to help you be successful in a different way.

Success has to be defined internally

It’s easy to tell yourself that you want to focus on being successful by imitating a successful person, but you have to consider what success looks like to you. Take the time to define success on your own terms so that you build a life that resonates with you.  

For the most part, what we think to be a “time management” issue is usually a “leverage and people management” issue. Having very clear systems and models in place will solve this for you because they are duplicatable, leverageable, and expandable. If you feel like there’s more work to do than time, take a step back and try to spend a little time outside of the world that you call your business. It will help you get clear on what you really want for your life.    


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Guest Bio
Chris Suarez is one of Portland’s top producing Real Estate Consultants. He combines his New York style of marketing and negotiation skill with the unique neighborhood feel of Portland, OR. Suarez founded PDX Property Group at Keller Williams Realty to combine a unique blend of luxury customer service, high class marketing, top level negotiation tactics, and an intense knowledge and interpretation of the local real estate market. His high-energy focus on results and commitment to delivering concierge level customer service has allowed him to consistently rank among the top real estate producers in the city, region, and country. Go to for more info.