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Kacie Kinney: 36 Touch: How Growing Her Vision Increased Her Business by More than 50% Year After Year

Growing our vision is a big part of what allows us to grow our business. How did coaching expand the vision of our guest? What are the systems she implemented in her business? What can she do now that she couldn’t do before? On this episode Kacie Kinney, a real estate agent in Oklahoma City, OK, talks about her mission, her journey, and how her vision and goal went from an iPad to a Range Rover!



My mission is to be the connector between where people are and where they want to be.
Kacie Kinney


Three Things We Learned From This Episode


  • How Kacie got over the fear of the financial investment of coaching
    Kacie saved up the money for the first couple of months of coaching. By the time the first two months were up, she added so much improvement in her business and its trajectory that she had the income to continue committing to coaching.


  • The most powerful system Kacie implemented in her business
    85% of Kacie’s business comes from her database, and she developed a system to nurture this database more effectively. She was able to devise a 36-touch that was systematic, easy to implement, and helped service the clients in the database. Now with unique client appreciation events, and even a food blog that services the community, her business from her database has grown even more.


  • What brought Kacie back to coaching after she left
    When Kacie had her son, she decided to step away from coaching. She found that the absence of that support and accountability affected her mindset and leadership of her team. She believes if she had stayed out of coaching longer, that her business would not be what it is today.


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Without the right structures and accountability in place, it’s easy to find ourselves in rabbit holes that don’t bring us closer to our goals. In order for us to stay on the right path, even when things don’t go well, our mindset is the most important thing. Ultimately, mindset affects who we are as business owners and leaders, which affects our results. Real estate is a vehicle that can take us where we want to go. The systems are the fuel, and coaches help keep our hands on the steering wheel so that we're driving in the right direction.

Brandon Scott: 2-10-40 Model: How Moving from E to P and Leveraging Time Grew His Business by 75%

When we seem to have hit a ceiling of achievement, we have to look for a community that helps us get to the next level. Why is it so important to find a place where we can learn, grow, and share? What systems and models led to a massive growth in business for our guest? What can he do now that he couldn’t before? On this episode Brandon Scott, a Realtor in Katy, TX, explains how he went from worrying about money to living in abundance, and shares what helped him get there. 

It may not happen every day or every week, but getting out there and doing the work will bring the results. -Brandon Scott 

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • How the CGI calculator helped Brandon meet his goals

    CGI calculator is a very simple tool that allows Brandon to figure out how many appointments he needs to set to meet his goals. It’s a way for him to reverse engineer what he needs to get done in his business, and it has been very effective for his team. This year, he met his goals early and CGI allowed him to go back and adjust goals.

  • Fitness coaches get results for their clients, and the same applies to business

    What inspired Brandon to get a coach was an epiphany he had after seeing the results he got from joining a gym and getting a trainer. That success in his personal life helped him realize that getting a coach for his business would also have a significant impact.

  • Sometimes you just have to find the right mentor

    Brandon has learned that there’s nothing wrong in getting a new coach if the one you have isn’t the best fit for both of you. He still learned a lot from his first coach, and the experience gave him a clearer sense of what he needed for his business.


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It’s so tempting to try making it alone in business, testing new ideas and just hoping something will work. However, there’s so much power and freedom in plugging into the tools and training of people who have been there before. With the right people and the right models you surpass your growth ceiling, and gain clear purpose in your business.

Julie Abel: Time Blocking: Taking Ownership of your Schedule to Revolutionize Your Business

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we need help until life throws us a curveball. What made our guest come to the realization that she needed coaching? Why was her schedule such a huge part of how she was able to shift her business? How do we miss opportunities when we don’t track our numbers? On this episode Julie Abel, a Realtor in Estes Park, CO,  shares how coaching helped her to lift her family out of debt, get through her husband’s heart attack, and become a better leader. 

We have a course of action now which we didn’t have before. -Julie Abel


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • If you want different results, you have to do things differently

    With doctor’s bills piling up after her husband’s heart attack, Julie decided to invest in coaching because she knew she had to do something to get a different result for her business and her family.


  • Running a business without a schedule at the center invites chaos

    Previously, Julie didn’t keep track of what she was doing throughout the day, and she was at the whim of whatever was urgent at the time. As she put it, “Anything barking got my attention, and I had no accountability.”


  • Coaching turns you into a true business owner

    Prior to getting a coach, Julie worked “in” her business and not “on” it like a true business owner. Before, she spent most of her time dealing with the little tasks that kept her busy and made it impossible for her to think about long-term growth. She then embraced the business owner mindset, and start tracking numbers and planning ahead.


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By taking ownership and responsibility for our time, our schedules can go from being a source of stress to becoming the reason our businesses flourish. It takes away the chaos, gives you accountability and turns you into a real business owner. If we build everything around our schedule, we can plan ahead and see the opportunities for growth because we see the bigger picture. Ultimately, there’s a difference between just moving through our business, versus actually being successful and at peace.


Guest Bio

Julie Abel is a Realtor with Keller Williams in Estes Park, CO. For Julie, it’s not about the transaction; it’s about developing relationships with people and serving the community. By listening to her clients and focusing on their needs, The Abel Team consistently provides excellent service and delivers amazing results. Go to for more information.

Brad Gilboe: Career Growth Initiative: Achieving Peace of Mind Through Proven Models & Leverage

Focusing on learning all the steps needed to build a successful business can be paralyzing. How can we give ourselves peace of mind and move toward our goals methodically? What were the big “a-ha” moments that led to our guest discovering and following his path to success? How do we achieve clarity? On this episode, Brad Gilboe, a real estate agent in Burbank, CA, shares how he overcame his lack of confidence early on in his real estate journey and talks about the systems he used to solve the problems of his business.

If you go through BOLD, you will see positive and significant improvements in your life and your business if you play all in. -Brad Gilboe 

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • When we offer value, selling become unnecessary

    One of the main benefits Brad got out of BOLD was removing the limiting belief that he needed to be salesy. He learned that he just needs to help people, and offer the level of service he didn’t get when he bought his own house.


  • Our lack of clarity usually goes back to not tracking our actions

    Brad always felt like the biggest issue he had in his business was a lack of clarity and not knowing which step to take next. He ultimately realized that tracking his numbers was all he needed to do to maintain focus and a clear path.


  • Know the best next step

    We don’t always need to know the next 50 steps in our business to know how to succeed. If the tools and models exist, all we need to do is focus on the next step. The system and the work we put into it will do the rest for us.


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Many business owners spend a lot of time worrying and overthinking about what to do next, where to get the next deal, and how to make enough money to keep going. When you have the right tools and models at your disposal, this gives you peace of mind because you know that everything is handled as long as you follow the system. By having a repeatable and duplicatable process, you can scale up with predictable results.

Shareika Cook: Time Blocking: Increasing Productivity with the Right Model & Doubling Her Income in a Year

A well-designed schedule is one of the fundamentals of a successful real estate career. Why is time blocking an important component that we need to build into our day? How did the changes to our guest’s activities impact her income? How do you overcome the moments of fear and doubt? On this episode, Shareika Cook, a real estate agent in Anniston, AL, shares on what’s working better in her business now that she’s following the right models as well as how it has positively impacted her life.



If you’re coachable and willing to listen to the right people, you’ll succeed in this career. -Shareika Cook


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Time blocking takes care of distractions before they even come up

    Time blocking is one of the things that helped Shareika level up in her business. In the past, she would constantly get distracted and forget what she was doing. Now, dedicating time to an activity means she’s more productive.


  • Get encouragement from people who have been there

    Stepping into a new territory can be scary. One thing that constantly encouraged Shareika was watching testimonial videos of other agents—especially agents in small markets like hers. Seeing those people succeed helped her keep going.


  • The right scripts give you confidence

    When you trust your script and know it well, it gives you the confidence to approach people without fear or nervousness. You’re less likely to get tripped up. In Shareika’s case, people actually compliment her confidence.


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Following the right models, doesn’t just boost the results you’re getting in business— it gives you confidence and encouragement to keep going after what you want. The right model can help you completely remove distractions from your day, find clients who are ready to work with you, and give you freedom in your business. Paired with coaching, this gives you the fuel to go further.

Matt Patterson: Leverage: How to Gain Confidence and Freedom by Knowing Your Business


Many of us lose out in business because we expect instant gratification with coaching. What helps determine the speed of our results? What are some of the key concepts that coaching introduced to our guest’s life and business? What are some of the failures we can learn from? On this episode, Matt Patterson, a real estate agent in Punta Gorda, FL, shares how transforming as an agent, business owner, and leader impacted his results.


You get confidence by knowing your business. -Matt Patterson


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Share the vision

    As leaders, having the vision in our heads is just the first step. Step 2 is communicating the vision and getting our people to participate in it. We have to bring them along on our journey of improvement so they can buy into it and see what we see.

  • Commit to all the facets of a new system

    The reason a lot of new systems and programs don’t succeed is that we try to cherry-pick the things we want to do. The à la carte approach doesn’t work, and we have to commit to implementing the whole system.

  • Fully embracing coaching accelerates the time frame of getting the benefits

    Matt found that the more resistant he was to his coach’s advice, the longer the time frame of getting results became. Fully committing means we get to the results faster.


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When it comes to the time it takes to get the results we want from coaching, we have a lot more control than what we think. The more we resist the process or cherry-pick the tools, the longer it takes for us to see results and experience the impact of good counsel. If you become more familiar with your business, track your numbers, and bring your people along for the journey, you will gain control and peace of mind. It’s a long-term change, but a sustainable one. Anything that changes suddenly and dramatically isn’t stable. A long-term play might not give you an explosion of results instantly, but it will give you reliable results for years to come.

Luc Lachance: Four Conversations: Developing Winning Habits and Gaining Freedom Through Discipline


Winning is a habit, and so is losing. How do you get into the habit of thinking winning thoughts and following through with winning activities? Why are so many people resistant to investing in themselves? Why is there so much freedom in discipline? On this episode, Luc Lachance shares his journey to success, which includes overcoming a near-fatal medical condition and building a business with a coach from the ground up.



The coaching helped me build the self with the skills, knowledge, personality and vision to be myself. -Luc Lachance


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • If there’s a formula for success, use it to your benefit

    When Luc got into the business, he knew that someone, somewhere, already knew how to achieve what he wanted to achieve. He realized that rather than reinventing the wheel, he just needed to do what was already working for other people.

  • How 4 Conversations Helped Luc

    Four conversations was a way for Luc to clarify the industry and the business. It brought it to the simplest model and made sure he didn’t lose time on what was important. This allowed him to have time for his family and for investing in self-development, all while building a solid business.

  • There’s actually no freedom in a lack of structure

    Most people think that true freedom is having flexibility, but true freedom is actually found in discipline and structure. When we learn this, we realize how to put our best foot forward at work and enjoy our downtime without guilt.


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There’s a huge difference between knowing and doing. Participation is the first step to doing. You have to be active in the pursuit of your goals so that your mindset and behavior make winning inevitable. We need to have a vision first, and then a business plan. We then surround ourselves with the right people, communicate our plans to people around us, track the numbers and then evaluate and adjust if necessary. This is the recipe for not just fighting for success, but actually winning.

Tony Baroni: 411 Model: How Coaching Helped Increase His Volume by 336% in 12 months


Without consistency, it’s hard to get to the next level and stay there. Why is it so important to lay out your goals and know where your business is going to come from? How can consequences move you closer to your goals? How can we be both students and teachers? On this episode, Tony Baroni shares his journey to freedom in his business and talks about creating a life and business by design.



If you're coachable, your coach will take you where you want to go. -Tony Baroni


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Your numbers are important

    Be clear on your numbers. Know where the money is coming from, how much you’re using, and what is left. When you have the numbers, including your salaries, it gives you a metric of where to land in those categories to ensure success.  

  • Sometimes fear of a consequence can be motivating

    When it comes to setting your goals, one of the most powerful incentives you can set is a consequence for when you don’t do what you need to do. For Tony, that was donating $1,000 to KW Cares whenever he didn’t give his coach is 4-1-1 goals.

  • Leverage often means firing yourself from a specific role so someone else can do it more efficiently

    Tony ended up doing all the work in his organization, including taking photographs and doing the listing of the properties. Being a great photographer, he thought he could do it. His coach challenged him to “fire” himself from this role so he could hire someone else and leverage his business.


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Successful businesses are built on the right foundation. It’s about having the right values, mindset, and habits that feed into your goals. It’s necessary to do the daily activities that produce the results for your business, and you need to be clear on the different categories of metrics that you track to make sure you’re always on the right path. Ultimately, you attract what you are. If you work on being the best, you’ll attract the best.

Lance Welch: The Four Conversations: Staying Consistent & Creating a Successful Career Through the Right Opportunities


In order to build something significant, we've got to do the basics first. What is necessary to get us on the right trajectory and set us apart? How does tracking our numbers help our business? On this episode, Lance Welch shares his story and the systems that helped him build a “life worth living” business. 


It’s not about instant gratification. You have to work hard on what you do today because it will affect you 90-days from now. -Lance Welch


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Top-Down Organization vs. A Collaborative Environment

    There’s a big difference between a company that takes a top-down approach to lead its people and an organization that collaborates in building them up. The first makes it all about the company and its leaders, while the second makes it about the people.

  • Keep a close eye on your numbers

    Having your numbers present in front of you all the time helps you stay on course and oriented towards your goal. This means you’ll always align your activities towards those goals instead of getting distracted.

  • “Coach” isn’t a bad word

    A coach isn’t someone who barks orders and makes you feel bad about yourself. A coach is somebody that builds you as a person, makes you better, and amplifies your good qualities. They can hold you accountable in a way that makes your life better-- not worse.


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For many of us, our businesses bring us a lot of guilt whenever we decide to take time off or spend time with our families. This isn’t healthy, and it’s no way to live our best lives. If we put the systems in place and actually work at them consistently, there will be no guilt. We’ll know we’re doing everything right, and the results will follow.

Mark Anderson: 411 Model: Achieving Success through Accountability


A lot of Realtors pick and choose parts of a model to implement, only to be surprised when it doesn’t work out. What is the most effective way to actually make sure the model works for you the way it has for other people? Why is accountability such a big part of success? How does working with others actually get you to your goals faster? On this episode, Mark Anderson talked about how finding freedom, confidence and accountability helped him grow his business.


I realized I have to offer more than just leads to my team. - Mark Anderson


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Cherry-picking a system only leads to disappointment
    When you learn a system and a model, don’t forget that it worked because the person followed all the steps rather than avoiding a part they didn’t like. This is how you should approach it, too. Similar to baking, doing things in the wrong order or skipping a step will not get you to the desired result. 
  • Accountability encourages people to improve way more than letting things slide
    When you don’t hold people accountable and let things slide, you’re not helping them. You’re prolonging their growth to reach their full potential.
  • Doing it on your own isn’t the best strategy for success
    A lot of people think entrepreneurship means doing things on your own and not taking advice or help from anyone. However, working with others can generate the accountability you need to help you grow. You’ve got to be willing to humble yourself and be open to it.


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People are afraid to be held accountable because they want to figure things out alone. The problem is that this limits progress and delays success. Ultimately, it’s through combined effort with other people that we truly see our dreams achieved. Success leaves clues, so talk to the people that are doing what you want to do, and get someone to hold you accountable so you can be your best.