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Shareika Cook: Time Blocking: Increasing Productivity with the Right Model & Doubling Her Income in a Year

August 29, 2018

A well-designed schedule is one of the fundamentals of a successful real estate career. Why is time blocking an important component that we need to build into our day? How did the changes to our guest’s activities impact her income? How do you overcome the moments of fear and doubt? On this episode, Shareika Cook, a real estate agent in Anniston, AL, shares on what’s working better in her business now that she’s following the right models as well as how it has positively impacted her life.



If you’re coachable and willing to listen to the right people, you’ll succeed in this career. -Shareika Cook


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Time blocking takes care of distractions before they even come up

    Time blocking is one of the things that helped Shareika level up in her business. In the past, she would constantly get distracted and forget what she was doing. Now, dedicating time to an activity means she’s more productive.


  • Get encouragement from people who have been there

    Stepping into a new territory can be scary. One thing that constantly encouraged Shareika was watching testimonial videos of other agents—especially agents in small markets like hers. Seeing those people succeed helped her keep going.


  • The right scripts give you confidence

    When you trust your script and know it well, it gives you the confidence to approach people without fear or nervousness. You’re less likely to get tripped up. In Shareika’s case, people actually compliment her confidence.


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Following the right models, doesn’t just boost the results you’re getting in business— it gives you confidence and encouragement to keep going after what you want. The right model can help you completely remove distractions from your day, find clients who are ready to work with you, and give you freedom in your business. Paired with coaching, this gives you the fuel to go further.