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Olivia Cooley: Time Blocking: Working Your Database to Generate Business

April 18, 2018

Many agents think they need to reinvent the wheel to achieve their goals, but this isn’t the case. Why is it so important to get the fundamentals right? How do you generate more leads so there’s enough to go around without the leader having to work double time? Why does your database hold the keys to your success? On this episode, Olivia Cooley shares how models like Time Blocking and working her database helped her solve the big issues in her business.



Because we’re working as a community and holding each other accountable through it, our culture has completely changed. -Olivia Cooley


Three Things We Learned from this Episode

Don’t Hide Your Failures

Most people only want to talk publicly about their success and not their failures. This actually makes it harder to grow and get better. Being able to talk about failures is what will help you overcome them.

As a leader, a culture problem is your responsibility. The beauty is: you can change it

Businesses take on the characteristics of the people that lead them, so the company culture comes from the leader. You have the power to change the culture and shift it forward.

Lean on your database

If you don’t cultivate and nurture your database, it’s going to be very hard for you to consistently generate leads and grow your sphere. Appreciate and communicate with them, because it will always pay off.


A lot of real estate agents think there is some huge change they need to make in their business in order to succeed. The truth is that it’s really about getting back to the basics and having someone hold you accountable. Change the way you approach each day, make the whole team prioritize accountability and community, and implement simple things like working your database. These things won’t just bring in more business-- they will transform company culture too.


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Guest Bio

Olivia is the owner of the Olivia Cooley Group at Keller Williams Realty in Columbia, South Carolina.