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Anthony Manzon: 30-60-90: Scaling Up Systematically & Tripling in Volume

May 30, 2018

A lot of agents make the mistake of instantly hiring a new team member without thinking about the system they will work in. Why does this put you at risk of bad hires? How can you bring systems into your recruiting strategy? How do you make sure partnering up is a win-win for both sides? On this episode, Anthony Manzon shares his amazing transformation and how he leveled up from salesperson to business owner by investing in what works.



Coaching is 10-20% of your success, you have to be the other 90% to be the one to implement it. -Anthony Manzon

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Hustle won’t take you very far. Systems will.
    Hustle isn’t scalable, unless you bring on another person who hustles as hard as you do. Hustle is also only good for “now business”. When you want to build for the future, you need systems that will run like a machine and be consistent.

  • Self-improvement has a trickle-down effect
    Anything you do for self-improvement doesn’t just benefit you. It will impact the team, your clients and your family. When you do something great, you’re actually doing it for everyone because of the ripple effect it has.

  • Hire strategically-- not to fill a role immediately
    It’s important that you hire someone who will work in your best interest while you work in theirs. Without this, it’s impossible to be in alignment, and it will only lead to conflict. The relationship won’t go far and this can affect your whole team.


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Hiring and maintaining talent while preserving the culture of the team can be difficult. That’s why you need to hire with a system right from the very start. All the tools out there assist you in getting to the next level, but the greatest differentiator is you, your effort, your mindset and all the work you do to make your goals happen. Bet on yourself and be growth-minded in everything you do.