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Mark Anderson: 411 Model: Achieving Success through Accountability


A lot of Realtors pick and choose parts of a model to implement, only to be surprised when it doesn’t work out. What is the most effective way to actually make sure the model works for you the way it has for other people? Why is accountability such a big part of success? How does working with others actually get you to your goals faster? On this episode, Mark Anderson talked about how finding freedom, confidence and accountability helped him grow his business.


I realized I have to offer more than just leads to my team. - Mark Anderson


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Cherry-picking a system only leads to disappointment
    When you learn a system and a model, don’t forget that it worked because the person followed all the steps rather than avoiding a part they didn’t like. This is how you should approach it, too. Similar to baking, doing things in the wrong order or skipping a step will not get you to the desired result. 
  • Accountability encourages people to improve way more than letting things slide
    When you don’t hold people accountable and let things slide, you’re not helping them. You’re prolonging their growth to reach their full potential.
  • Doing it on your own isn’t the best strategy for success
    A lot of people think entrepreneurship means doing things on your own and not taking advice or help from anyone. However, working with others can generate the accountability you need to help you grow. You’ve got to be willing to humble yourself and be open to it.


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People are afraid to be held accountable because they want to figure things out alone. The problem is that this limits progress and delays success. Ultimately, it’s through combined effort with other people that we truly see our dreams achieved. Success leaves clues, so talk to the people that are doing what you want to do, and get someone to hold you accountable so you can be your best.


Jessica Starr: 411 Model: The Shift from Working 24/7 to Living a Life by Design

A lot of real estate agents fail to see how it’s possible to work less while earning more. What can you implement to make this happen for you? How can social media help you? How can you service your clients at a higher level? On this episode, Jessica Starr shares the challenges she’s had to overcome, how she worked on her business, and the biggest “eye openers” she’s had.



Having a partnership with my coach, being coachable and learning how to be learning-based is what made it great. -Jessica Starr


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Set expectations early

    Setting client expectations is crucial. Have conversations about your hours of operation from the initial appointment onwards. If you’re an expert in your field, people understand and are willing to work within your schedule.

  • Leverage social media to expose your business to people

    Social media is a simple but effective way to stay in front of people and show them your activity. You might annoy some people but you will be the first person they call when they need to buy or sell.

  • Upload content natively to rank higher

    When it comes to scheduling content on Facebook, you are going to rank higher if you schedule directly to the site rather than through a scheduling app.


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With the right systems, leverage, scripts and mindset, you can have more time with your family, and still do more sales. The key is being learning-based so that you’re always fed with the tools and resources that allow you to put your best foot forward. Like a parent on an airplane, you have to put on your oxygen mask first so you can help your child. Similarly, be your best for others, you should pursue opportunities for learning and growth.


Andrea Beem: Leverage: Learning from Mistakes and Transforming Your Life Through Business Growth


When starting out, it can be hard to find your confidence. What does it take to break through the self-doubt and find your footing? Why are systems and models so critical to growth in business? What should your attitude be towards failure? On this episode, Andrea Beem shares how she leveled up from Realtor to business owner and completely transformed her life.



The systems and models are there for a reason, and life gets better when you use them. - Andrea Beem


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Failure isn’t the opposite of success

    Success and failure aren’t on different roads. They are both a part of growth and progress. In order for you to succeed, you have to be okay with failure.

  • You should have the right dynamic with your coach

    Sometimes a coach can be great as a friend, but you may need a different dynamic in order to grow. There’s nothing wrong with this, and the right coach will help you find a person you fit best with.

  • Don’t chase perfection

    Perfection is not realistic. The more you try to attain it, the more it will hinder your growth and success. Don’t try to avoid making mistakes because the truth is: in order to grow and correct your course, mistakes are necessary.


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The value of systems and models is that they help you get your life back. Leverage is fundamental to your growth and freedom as a business owner. It’s also important to get the help and guidance you need and to stop chasing perfection. Focus instead on learning from mistakes and failures rather than avoiding them.


Jose Medina: 1-3-5 Model: How “Plug & Play” Systems Provide Clarity and Enhance Your Business

Success in business is impossible without a good road map. What does it take to transform from Realtor to business owner? Why do some people resist having a plan? How do models enhance your business? On this episode, Jose Medina shares how he gained clarity for the path of his business, and how he experienced tremendous growth as a result.

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Follow the lessons others have learned

    There are people who have gone before you and done what you're doing at a very high level. That means we don’t have to figure things out on our own. There are people to learn from, and they are open to sharing.


  • Hire with a purpose

    When you have a good system for hiring, you learn to be more intentional about the people you bring on your team. You’ll stop hiring anyone who just wants a job and start hiring to actually help your business.


  • Running systems requires you to think differently

    When you’re running models in your business, you have to learn to think big and plan ahead of where you are.


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A business is repeatable action. That’s why systems are so necessary. If we go without a roadmap, it’s easy to get lost or stuck. By following the systems based on the successful people before us, we avoid a lot of the difficulties. This allows us to see growth and reach our business goals a lot sooner than we would by ourselves.


Aubrey Hutchison: Leverage: Building for the Future and Improving Yourself Every Day

A lot of people are afraid to get into real estate because they think they’ll have to be 24-hour agents. How does leverage give you both time and financial freedom? How do you assemble your dream team, and prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed or desperate? How can you grow and get better everyday? On this episode, Aubrey Hutchison shares how Leverage and Career Visioning helped her grow and become #1 in her MLS.

You can be a real estate agent without working 24-hour days. - Aubrey Hutchison 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Have a goal for contacts

    It’s important to have some sort of appointment goal for you and your agents. It doesn’t have to be a high number, and the appointment can be as simple as a coffee meeting. This way, people are always out there and making some sort of contact.

  • Hire with the future in mind, not just for immediate needs

    When you’re overwhelmed, you may be tempted to hire out of desperation. To solve this you might have to scale down before you scale up. Give yourself the time to invest in career visioning and to hire the right person.

  • Learn from your mistakes

    When you make mistakes or stumble, look at what you learned and how you can use it to get better. Don’t let it knock you down-- let it inspire you to improve.


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There’s a huge difference between running a real estate business and just selling real estate. Put time into implementing systems and leverage, rather than trying to run your business on the fly. If you want to get better, you have to invest in learning. Be willing to improve and have leverage in your business and your life.


Len Stone: 36-Touch: Achieving Growth Through the Right Coaching and Systems

 Sometimes we find ourselves slowing down in our business when we’re not sure about where we’re going. Why are systems and models a key part of solving this problem and getting you back into action? How do you avoid hitting a ceiling in your progress? What do you do everyday to improve yourself? On this episode, Len Stone shares his amazing transformation during three years in real estate.

Whether it’s your team, your family, or your friends, the people you surround yourself with have to be positive influences on you to help you move forward. -Len Stone  


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Your company matters.

    Surround yourself with successful people and success-minded people. They will motivate you, set great examples, and you’re likely to learn from them.


  • There is nothing wrong with changing coaches to find one who can help with your specific need.

    When you grow, you change. This may mean that you need to find a new mentor or coach who is better equipped to help you continue to grow.


  • Be intentional about your coaching calls

    When it comes to coaching calls, take 15 minutes before the call to prepare yourself. After the call, take another 15 minutes to go over what was discussed, and make sure there’s nothing you missed. This will really help you to retain the new information.

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Models give you the confidence to help you move forward in your business, and the more you pour into them, the more you get out of them. Ultimately, you are in charge of your own development and if you leverage the right tools, you will succeed.


Jeff Ristine: 36-Touch: Doubling Your Volume Through Tracking and a Clear Purpose

A lot of agents lack a clear vision of where they are going and who they need to be. Why is it so important to work on facilitating the goal beyond just creating it? What does it take to go from being stressed out to actually enjoying your business? On this episode, Jeff Ristine talks about how BOLD, 36-touch and MREA helped him transform himself and his business.


Follow the plan, and stay focused on it. Review your goals and your big “WHY” that gives you the motivation to conquer any challenges that come your way. -Jeff Ristine

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Be, Do, Have

    Many of us spend our careers chasing the “have by doing” and never really focusing on the “being”. The first step is determining who you need to become to be successful, and the actions and results can follow.

  • Tracking is Necessary for Your Growth

    Along with having a clear goal, it’s important to track your actions and progress toward that goal. Without a defined path, it’s difficult to see what you’re doing right or wrong.

  • Have a Really Big WHY

    Have a really strong goal, motivation, and a BIG WHY. When you review them every single day, it will push you through the difficult times. This should always be your first step in everything you do, and it will be your driver.

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If you realize you’re in a hole, stop digging. When in crisis, you need to go back to the drawing board and try to understand who you need to become. This is how you can facilitate the changes that must be made. Determine who you need to be to have that life you want to have.  


Erik Taniguchi: Lead Generation Model: Increasing GCI Through Dedicated Systems

Most solo agents have no business stability because they have no predictable systems. On top of this, they often have to start and stop their operations when life gets in the way. How can you go about liberating yourself from this trap? How do you shift from hearing only your own ideas to actually listening to those of other people? What does it take to start thinking bigger? On this episode Erik Taniguchi shares the systems and models that helped him scale his business and increase his GCI year after year.


Choose the things you want to focus on, and stick with them. -Erik Taniguchi

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Practice a script until it comes naturally to you

    Most people are uncomfortable with scripts because they don’t want to sound “canned” or like they’re reading something. If you keep using and repeating the scripts, it will sound natural and sound like you.

  • If it’s not on your schedule, it doesn’t exist.

    Your schedule should guide you in everything you do, and you must be intentional about it. This will bring structure to your day and order to your business. It will also make your personal life less stressful.

  • Systems give you freedom and breathing room

    Once you have systems in place, your lead generation and marketing can run like a machine. When you put the effort into doing this, your business will become predictable and you’ll know how much work you have to do to reach a specific result.

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For most solo agents, their business can become stressful enough to impact their personal lives. The way to solve this is through systems and models that allow your business to run even when you’re not there. These structures work together to help you achieve your business goals, and make your life easier by allowing you to work smarter, not harder. This is how you create predictable income which can grow steadily and sustainably.


Anthony Manzon: 30-60-90: Scaling Up Systematically & Tripling in Volume

A lot of agents make the mistake of instantly hiring a new team member without thinking about the system they will work in. Why does this put you at risk of bad hires? How can you bring systems into your recruiting strategy? How do you make sure partnering up is a win-win for both sides? On this episode, Anthony Manzon shares his amazing transformation and how he leveled up from salesperson to business owner by investing in what works.



Coaching is 10-20% of your success, you have to be the other 90% to be the one to implement it. -Anthony Manzon

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Hustle won’t take you very far. Systems will.
    Hustle isn’t scalable, unless you bring on another person who hustles as hard as you do. Hustle is also only good for “now business”. When you want to build for the future, you need systems that will run like a machine and be consistent.

  • Self-improvement has a trickle-down effect
    Anything you do for self-improvement doesn’t just benefit you. It will impact the team, your clients and your family. When you do something great, you’re actually doing it for everyone because of the ripple effect it has.

  • Hire strategically-- not to fill a role immediately
    It’s important that you hire someone who will work in your best interest while you work in theirs. Without this, it’s impossible to be in alignment, and it will only lead to conflict. The relationship won’t go far and this can affect your whole team.


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Hiring and maintaining talent while preserving the culture of the team can be difficult. That’s why you need to hire with a system right from the very start. All the tools out there assist you in getting to the next level, but the greatest differentiator is you, your effort, your mindset and all the work you do to make your goals happen. Bet on yourself and be growth-minded in everything you do.


Lance Loken: GPS Model: Changing Your Skill Set & Mindset to Build a Culture of Success

Real estate agents can be prone to “shiny object syndrome”, and they often give up after facing a crisis. Why is it so important to focus on what matters? What are the key things that make success inevitable? Why should people come first? On this episode, Lance Loken talks about how his team got through a hurricane and continued building on their successes while putting the people first.



By collaborating with each other and getting buy in from everybody, we accomplish our goals as a team or as an organization, instead of me telling people what to do. -Lance Loken

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Don’t dictate. Collaborate.

    When a team leader chooses to collaborate and gets buy-in from the whole team, people won’t feel like they are simply being given commands. They will naturally want to work towards the common goal of the team.


  • It’s all about people.

    People are the be-all and end-all of real estate. Your clients and team members matter, and your success is impossible without them. Learn to focus on working with people, understanding what they need, and providing a better service as an agent and leader.


  • Wisdom and good leadership always trickles down.

    There’s a trickle-down effect of wisdom that happens in a strong organization. When the message is consistent, people start teaching what they learn from the masters to the people they lead.


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A lot of us concentrate on numbers and how much we’re closing, but that shouldn’t be the first thing we care about. Learn to focus on doing the fundamental, necessary activities at a high level. When you do that, the results will follow.